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Happy Meditator

Mindset. Mindfulness. Productivity.

Say Goodbye to boring pre-recorded mindfulness apps.
Hello to Lania's LIVE sessions for a truly unique corporate mindfulness experience.

Enhance your team's productivity and well being with our LIVE and INTERACTIVE sessions on mindfulness and mindset training. Our expert led sessions improve employee focus, reduce stress and boost innovation. 


Online Meditation

At Lania we understand the importance of mindfulness and mindset training for businesses in today's fast-paced world. That's why we offer live and interactive sessions, expertly led by our team, to help your employees improve focus, reduce stress, increase productivity, and foster innovation.

Unlike pre-recorded mindfulness apps, our LIVE sessions are personalized to your teams specific needs, giving them the boost they need to excel in their roles!

What LANIA offers?

  • Live interactive sessions tailored to your company's needs, with our proprietary technology

  • Sessions held weekly or twice a week

  • Focuses on key corporate values such as innovation, stress management, time management and team communication

  • Aims to increase productivity and innovation and fostering a positive company culture

Live and Interactive sessions

Mindfulness & Mindset training

HR analytics for employee wellbeing

Similing Team

Affordable & customised pricing plans! 

Want to test drive Lania before signing on the dotted line? Starting now, the first month is on us! After that, our pricing starts at just $200 per month for the whole organization. 


Drop your email to give your team the Lania boost and watch them soar like eagles!

LANIA cares!

We are more than a well-being program. Lania's platform prepares your team for what it takes to claim your spot in the titans of the world. Our proprietary video conferencing interface ensures that your employees are able to see, hear and talk to the coach but not each other.

Our proprietary video conference interface ensures that your employees are able to see, hear and talk to the coach but not each other. This ensures confidentiality with an immersive experience.


Mindset training

Creative Office

Culture coaching

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Employees report a boost in time management 


Employees managed their workload better


Employees dealt with stress more calmly post mindfulness sessions


Felt more motivated to work on days with scheduled session

A healthy return on investment!

Choose from LANIA programs today!

Lania Elite

Weekly or twice a week LIVE and interactive sessions with employee well-being analytics to track progress

Starting $200 for team of under 50

Targeted sessions

Custom tailored sessions to fit your company culture and target specific challenges, along with comprehensive analytics

Starting $350 per office space

Holistic Wellness

Completely customized sessions to achieve your company objectives, with specialized analytics & HR collaboration for maximum employee well-being and productivity

Starting $450 per organisation

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